Legal Planning for Special Needs, located in Lexington, Massachusetts,  is a law office for families like ours who have a member with a disability. My name is Barbara Jackins, and I have been an attorney for 35 years. When I am not assisting my clients, I volunteer for several local non-profit groups that serve people with disabilities and their families. I have also written several books on disability-related topics. But my most important role has been as a life-long advocate for my son with developmental disabilities who is now age 30.

Why not let my background, experiences, and legal expertise benefit you and your family? I can:

  • Help your child who is turning 18 access SSI and other valuable government benefits
  • Obtain guardianship, if needed, or help you explore alternatives
  • Review housing options
  • Prepare an estate plan that includes a special needs trust

If you would to meet and talk, call my office for an appointment. Why delay? For families like ours, the future starts now!





Moving Out: Family Guide
to Residential Planning for Adults with Disabilities

In Moving Out, my co-author Dafna Krouk-Gordon and I cover the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of helping your adult child with a disability move from your home to his or her own residence.

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Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts

Legal Planning for Special Needs In Massachusetts, which I wrote for parents and professionals,  has been completely revised and expanded for 2017. It covers three major areas: SSI, guardianship, and estate planning. 

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Managing a Special
Needs Trust:

A Guide for Trustees

My colleagues and I wrote Managing a Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees to de-mystify special needs trusts. As attorneys who practice in the disability field, we noticed that many trustees—although they were well intentioned—were not doing a very good job.

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